Make Your Own Wine Vinegar

Make your own wine vinegar from good wine and you’ll never go back to commercial vinegar. Your salads will sing!! The better the wine, the better the better the vinegar.

 Purchase a 1 litre jar jar of our culture, known as Mother, and in a few weeks you’ll have superb vinegar. You’ll get full instructions on how to make more vinegar with your Mother. It’s simple to do and very satisfying.

 Not all Mothers are created equal. Our Mother is a “Super Mum”. We have been using it for 24 years. It grows quickly and produces great vinegar. Treat your Mother well and you’ll have a lifetime supply.

Vinegar is water, acetic acid (usually between 5% and 8%), and flavours from the product it was made from. It is produced when ethyl alcohol (as found in alcoholic beverages), is converted to acetic acid by the addition of oxygen with the help of a bacteria known as Acetor Bacter or Vinegar Mother.

 Commercial vinegars are usually made in a very fast process that strips them of flavour. Quality vinegar are made in a slower process that preserves the fruit characters of the wines or other alcoholic liquids they are made from. This takes time but is well worth the wait. This process is known as the Orleans Method.

In the Orleans Method a mixture of wine, water and vinegar is placed into container and Vinegar Mother is introduced. The Mother forms a jelly like skin on the top of the liquid and starts to work its magic. Depending on the conditions the alcohol should be fully converted to vinegar within 3 to 4 months. Two thirds of the vinegar is then drawn off and the vessel topped up with more wine and water and the process starts again.

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