Our Products Were

Sold in a 1 litre Twist Top Jar. Simply punch a hole in the cap and cover with the cloth provided. Our cultures are made with at least 35% finished vinegar and should give you usable vinegar within 10 – 12 weeks. Full instructions on making more vinegar with Mother are included. *** We also now sell our finished McLaren Vale Shiraz and Barossa Chardonnay vinegars in 2 litre containers – see below.


  • McLaren Vale Shiraz Culture – our most popular culture. Made from young Shiraz. Strong, fruity flavours suitable for full flavoured salad dressings. Not overpowered by herbs, mustard or garlic.

  • Barossa Valley Chardonnay Culture – Made from barrel fermented Chardonnay. Not such strong charaters as the Shiraz. Great for vinaigrettes, cooking and on tomatoes, basil and cucumber.

  • Port Wine Culture – Made from Tawny Port. This culture still retains port characters and is excellent for salads to accompany Chinese food or satays.

  • Sherry Wine Vinegar Culture – Made from Medium Sherry, this culture still retains overtones of raisin. Suited to Japanese salads.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Culture – Made from Yarra Valley Apple Cider. Still a very pleasant vinegar for salads but primarily used by people who believe in the many documented health benefits provided by Apple Cider Vinegar. See in Vinegar Stuff.